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Looking for something about React version of the Fuse?

Fuse React is a great kick-starter

Fuse React written with the React Hooks (New feature of react let you use state and other React features without writing a class.
With the included apps and pages, Fuse React is a great kick-starter for your next project.
Don’t lose any time trying to design or structure your pages, pick one and start coding your logic right away!

kick starter
learning source

Fuse is a learning source

With well commented and structured source code, whether a beginner or a seasoned React developer, you will find something interesting in Fuse React.

Multiple layouts & themes

Setting up a page layout is a breeze with Fuse React.

It's always a burden to create different layouts for different areas of an app.
Fuse React makes this easier with built in layout management and allows for different layouts for different pages/routes.
This makes extremely easy to create and have simple and complex layouts together like a Login page or a Mail app.
Page/route based Color management and theme configuration compatible with Material UI Next.


Layout 1 - Navigation Slide


Layout 1 - Navigation Folded


Layout 1 - Navigation Tabbed


Layout 1 - Navigation Tabbed Dense


Layout2 - Horizontal


Layout3 - Horizontal

Customizable Theme Layouts

Fuse React has a powerful layout system which allows you to configure, customize and also create you own layout.

Ready-to-use Page Layouts

Fuse React's page layout components are pre-built layouts which you can simply copy/paste and start building your own page or app based on it.
It's very easy to replicate any page style that you can find in Fuse React. It also makes your pages consistent across your app.

Advanced Theme Management

You can customize the color scheme of individual template sections i.e. Main, Navbar, Toolbar, Footer

theme options

Ever growing number of application examples

Fuse React comes with variety of different application examples that are built close to the real world examples. From Scrumboard to Mailbox, Contacts to ToDo app, you will get working applications to speed up the development.

Ready-to-use page designs

Fuse React comes with variety of different page designs that are built to speed up your development. From Login to Pricing, Invoice to Profile page, you will get beautifully designed pages with Fuse React.

Core Features

Quickly create your application using Fuse's well crafted and well thought features.

React & TailwindCSS

Built with React, Material UI Components and TailwindCSS

Flexible Structure

Ability to set different template layouts for different routes


Fully responsive and user friendly app and page designs

Well-documented Code

Well-documented and commented source to understand the code easily


Updates and new features based on your suggestions

Pre-made Layouts

Ready to use template and content layouts for building apps and pages

Content Rich

Built-in apps and ready to use pages to cut the development time

Learning Source

Learn advanced Angular techniques and application building tips

No Dependencies

NodeJS is not required on production application

Free Updates

Free updates including new features and bug fixes

Premium Support

Premium support from our experienced support team

Trusted by developers from all over the world

Kickstart your project, save thousands of hours, and level up as a developer.


lines of codes


hours of work




customer satisfaction

This template is super well put together and it is continually updated with the latest version of Angular. Highly recommend.

Lennard Peters

angular Developer

Regular License

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.



Quality checked by Envato

Future updates

6 months support included


Extended License

Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for.



Quality checked by Envato

Future updates

6 months support included

Custom License

For SaaS or any other custom license types, please contact with us.

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