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Fuse is a great kick-starter

With the included apps and pages, Fuse is a great kick-starter for your next project. Don’t lose any time trying to design or structure your pages, pick one and start coding your logic right away!

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learning source

Fuse is a learning source

With well commented and structured source code, whether a beginner or a seasoned Angular developer, you will find something interesting in Fuse.

Ready-to-use page layouts

Every page in Fuse Angular uses one of the pre-built, ready-to-use page layouts making it extremely easy to switch out individual page designs or creating a new one. It also makes your pages consistent across your app.

Ever growing number of application examples

Fuse comes with variety of different application examples that are built close to the real world examples. From Scrumboard to Mailbox, Contacts to ToDo app, you will get working applications to speed up the development.

Ready-to-use page designs

Fuse Angular comes with variety of different page designs that are built to speed up your development. From Login to Pricing, Invoice to Profile page, you will get beautifully designed pages with Fuse Angular.

Other Features

* Please note that not all the features are available on all versions of Fuse. Fuse Angular has lots of differences with other Fuse versions as they have different structures and use cases. Carefully check the demo and details and make sure it has the features you want.

Angular & Angular Material

Built with Angular on top of Angular Material library


Fuse is completely built with Tailwind

Different Layouts

Different theme and content layouts for different app and page structures

Flexible Structure

Ability to change the template structure based on routes

Easy Development & Deployment

Develop and deploy your app with using the power of Typescript & Angular CLI

Content Rich

Built-in apps and ready to use pages to cut your development time

Color Management

Angular Material compatible color templates and advanced color management

Free Updates

Free lifetime updates including new features and bug fixes


Updates and new features based on customer suggestions

Premium Support

Premium support from our experienced support team

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