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What is FUSE React?

Fuse React is an admin template that follows Google’s Material Design specifications. It’s a great kick-starter for a project and a good place to learn some of the advanced aspects of the React.

what is fuse

Fuse React is a great kick-starter

With the included apps and pages, Fuse React is a great kick-starter for your next project.

Don’t lose any time trying to design or structure your pages, pick one and start coding your logic right away!


Other Features

React & Redux

Built with React and Redux on top of Material UI library

Material UI

Uses Material UI Next as UI library and following Google Material Design guidelines

Different Layouts

Different theme and content layouts for different app and page structures

Flexible Structure

Ability to change the template structure based on routes

Easy Development & Deployment

Develop and deploy your app with create-react-app of Facebook

No Dependencies

Production app can work on simple hostings, no node.js or any other dependencies

Content Rich

Built-in apps and ready to use pages to cut your development time

Color Management

Material UI Next compatible color templates and advanced color management

Free Updates

Free lifetime updates including new features and bug fixes

Firebase, Auth0 Authentication Example

Login/register and saves user data to Firebase/Auth0 Database

Premium Support

Premium support from our experienced support team

PSDs Included

20+ layered and organized Photoshop files included

* Please note that not all the features are available on all versions of Fuse. Fuse React has lots of differences with other Fuse versions as they have different structures and use cases. Carefully check the demo and details and make sure it has the features you want.

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